We are the Pioneer

Leader of Ceramic Proppant

Sea-Pacific Inc is the pioneer to bring in ceramic proppants from China to North America. We have been serving the North American market for more than 10 years. We are one of the leading suppliers in North America and Pacific brand proppants is a top line brand name on the market.


Pacific series ceramic proppants have become one of the major brand names in the world.

Manufacturing Plants 

Production Lines 

Our manufacturing plants are located in four different provinces in China, where raw materials are abundant and available with convenience. Equipped with the top level production lines, our skillful and experienced workforce at the plants are committed to making the best quality products. 

To meet customers' increasing demand for ceramic proppants, over the last few years, we have expanded production capacity to over 140,000mt per year. 

Quality Control


               - The Pacific Proppant Depot


Great Location

We currently have four warehouses in North America. Two in Alberta, Canada, one in North Dakota and one in East Texas. We maintain good-inventory all year round at the warehouses and 24/7 service is provided at all locations.

High Quality Product 

Our manufacturing plants are ISO certified and strict QC measures are taken at all plants. Each  plant has 10 QC check points during the production process from selection of raw materials to final product inspection. Products must pass the final inspection before being packed and shipped out.